What it's like to work at Clarisights?

What it's like to work at Clarisights?

March is almost here and 2019 is already two months old. How were your first couple of months in this new year, guys? I’m currently in Bengaluru and recently started working with the Growth team at Clarisights. It has been an exciting month of learning, new experiences, and meeting new people!

First things first, what is Clarisights?

Clarisights is a reporting and analytics platform that enables marketers to make sense of and gain unique insights from data. Our platform is a seamless in-browser experience — users can add marketing data sources and begin answering questions on the data, minutes after signing up. Behind the scenes, there’s a lot going on — our backend ingests the data, performs multiple transformations and stores it in our own database. With Clarisights, marketers can build reports to answer questions like “What are my largest sources of traffic and what are the major cost sinkholes?” and then also quickly drill down into granular details like “What kind of ad copy has the least customer acquisition cost” or “Which ad creatives are driving the maximum RoI?” Interesting, isn’t it? Do you want to know the back-story of Clarisights? Check out this video by our CEO, Arun at the Techstars 2018 demo day!

Coming back to me, my first month at Clarisights was dedicated to figuring out how the product works, how we are solving problems for our customers, why our customers chose us and so on. I spoke to everyone including the founders and it was very exhilarating to know how they came up with the idea of Clarisights — heard the company story as they saw it with their own eyes. But, I was able to truly appreciate what an exceptional product we’re building only once I started using it. It was like that “wow” moment you have when you do something new and completely enjoy it — like your first Uber ride or Swiggy delivery. It also allowed me to closely observe the challenging parts of the UX. Looking at the product with fresh eyes was something I could only do once while I was still new, so I tried to make the most of it.

There are few things I like most about Clarisights.

  1. Product — Clarisights was founded to empower performance marketing and growth teams by creating a platform that gives them insights and superhero powers they have always wanted. Rather than wrestling with spreadsheets and legacy BI platforms that can’t keep pace with their growing volume of marketing channels and data, marketers can use Clarisights to independently explore and analyze all their data in a single and intuitive interface. Marketing teams around the world use Clarisights for every aspect of their performance marketing workflow — and this shows in the level of engagement. On average, marketers using Clarisights spend over 50 minutes on the platform per day.
  2. Responsibilities and Ownership — At Clarisights, you are given freedom to experiment, sense of ownership of your work, license to fail and you have peers who care just as much as you about their work. We have a trust-by-default policy — i.e. we trust that you will get the work done and won’t micromanage. There are an immense learning and growth opportunity in small, multi-functional, tightly-knit teams of smart folks here. You want to know, who you would be working with? Check this page out.
  3. People — want to know how it’s like to work at Clarisights: flat hierarchy, everyone is friendly, you can crack jokes anywhere anytime, and go to parties with your colleagues. At Clarisights, we live and breathe the company and the work — we are just not a team but a family and it’s a place that makes you feel excited about going to work every day. When making a decision, we take the holistic approach — everyone’s voice is heard. We are thoughtful about our cross-functional work, customer impact, and each unique touchpoint that goes into the journey of bringing every experience to life. The final product (no matter how big or small) is equally as important as the journey to get there. When decisions are made there is no ultimate decision-maker, the title does not matter — whether you are an “Intern”, “Junior Developer”, or “CEO” — your voice carries weight in every discussion.

Also, we love to play Table Tennis in our free time. Table Tennis is fierce but sociable competition here. Frequently throughout the day various pairs will take to the table and fight it out to 21-points — before laughing and amicably shaking hands. :D

Why you should join us

I can think of two reasons: a real problem-solving product with a huge addressable market, and you get to work with smart folks who can help you grow and learn. Clarisights is a company that gives you opportunities, recognizes your impact and cares about you — you’re not just a resource here, you are a member of the family.

We have an exciting road ahead, and an early-user group of intelligent marketers from all around the world. They range from EdTech to takeaway brands, and publicly listed multi-billion dollar brands to high growth startups paying us thousands of dollars every month. After recently raising a $2M round from top European VCs and angels, we’re looking to scale the product both from an engineering and growth perspective. To achieve this, we are building a team of sharp, creative, passionate builders with a “get-shit-done” attitude, the kind of people who see opportunity where others see roadblocks. We genuinely love what we do and we’re looking for others who can share the same passion. Here, you will be judged on your work and your aptitude, not just on your pedigree. If this sounds like you, check out our open roles!