Braze + Clarisights: supercharging marketing reporting

Braze + Clarisights: supercharging marketing reporting

Clarisights started as a platform catering to paid media teams in scale-up and enterprise businesses, including those at Uber, Delivery Hero, HelloFresh, On, and Universal Music Group. These teams depend on Clarisights for their day-to-day and ad hoc marketing reporting, eliminating the need for spreadsheets and SQL.

Clarisights often has hundreds of Monthly Active Users (MAUs) within an individual customer and provides user-friendly collaboration features. As a result, word often spreads to other teams interested in using our platform.

We’ve seen an increasing number of CRM teams, particularly those using Braze, embracing Clarisights as a replacement for cumbersome spreadsheets and static dashboards. Leveraging Clarisights allows them to understand the true revenue impact of their Braze strategy, providing faster and better insights into their data and accelerating testing cycles.

Here we share briefly how our integration with Braze works and some benefits of leveraging Clarisights for Braze reporting.

All the data you need, in one place

In just a couple days, CRM teams are ready to benefit from Clarisights

Clarisights offers a convenient one-click integration with Braze's marketing API and various analytics sources used by customers. These analytics sources can include mobile measurement partners, such as Adjust, Branch, Singular, Appsflyer, or web analytics sources, such as Google Analytics.

Additionally, Clarisights seamlessly integrates with pre-aggregated internal data, typically stored in the org’s data warehouse. It automatically combines this data, allowing CRM managers from companies like ABOUT YOU and Foodspring to have a comprehensive view of campaign or canvas performance.

Previously, customers had to manually put together spreadsheet reports or wait for their BI team to prioritize changes to dashboards. Clarisights simplifies this and enables the CRM team to put together reports by themselves -  in a single source of truth.

The benefits of Braze + Clarisights

Below are a few key benefits of leveraging Clarisights for your Braze reporting:

  • Data can be sliced and diced however needed and into new, automated reports. Want to evaluate across canvases or across countries, or to compare canvases across product categories? Clarisights automates this including in combination with analytics and internal attribution data.
  • Acquisition and retention data no longer sit in inflexible BI dashboards or siloed spreadsheets. Clarisights integrates all data into one platform, making it easier to generate insights that benefit all teams. Given the significance of Braze Audience Sync to paid media efforts, bringing this all into one platform is a huge advantage.
  • All 3rd party data can be sent back to your Data Warehouse. This means nothing is locked into Clarisights, and the data can even power usage in other tools or reports.

There is far more to unpack about Braze + Clarisights.

Are you interested in learning more? Please reach out to us here to try it out for free.